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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 14, 2016 12:00am-1:02am EDT

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law enforcement questioned him three times and had him under surveillance and under cover agents interacted with him. why wasn't he stopped? >> i don't see anything that our agents should have done differently. >> three times during the past 10 days mateen walked into this florida gun store and bought weapons despite having once been on a terror watch list. >> an evil person came in here. this man held multiple security licenses. he passed the background check. >> the f.b.i. director says there are currently very specific rules about how long you can investigate somebody if you don't find evidence they are a terrorist. >> overseas in paris the eiffel tower lit up like a rainbow in tribute to the 49 people killed in orlando. one of several tributes from around the world and the u.s. >> at national harbor tonight back here at home the capitol wheel lit up in the colors of the rainbow as well. five different vigils were held in our area tonight drawing hundreds of people
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as you might expect one of those was in dupont circle. >> you can see all the candles still flickering many hours after the vigil. look at all the people around here who have been waiting and watching. thinking about the people in orlando who lost their lives. ♪ >> there were prayers in many languages. >> what happened in orlando is an absolute tragedy. >> peace and more peace. >> this gathering in dupont circle. >> we will not let hate destroy our family. >> a time to mourn and a time to weep. >> it is horrible and an attack on our community. >> many are still stunned at the loss of 49 lives at pulse night club. the hate that inspired such violence. >> the first thing i thought it was could have been me, could have been my friends, gay
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transgender, anybody. >> members of the lgbt community who are muslim, this organized by a group promoting unity across many lines. >> the power of vigils, of mourning, of coming together as hundreds of people across racial class gender lines is a way we can actually heal together. >> amid the candles and flowers and tears, dupont circle became a healing place, a place of strength. >> we won't be cowed and our hearts go out to all the people who lost their lives. we will not live in fear. >> a very poignant moment tonight as one by one they blew out the candles here. the faces of the people here thinking about those who have lost so much in orlando. truly an emotional night. in northwest washington, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. earlier in the day we brought a banner to dupont circle for people to sign wi
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condolences and thoughts for orlando. we'll be sending it to the center in orlando tomorrow morning, an organization that works to promote and empower the lgbt community. we want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by to sign it. >> now, in sterling the adams center helped organize an interfaith vigil for the victims. members of different faiths came together for a show of lidarity. >> the vigil that was held took place here at the unitarian universalist church in sterling but inside that room right there were people from about as many different churches and religions as you can imagine sitting in the space that size. >> we'll show everyone by being here that we are all connected. >> around 150 people came out in sterling hoping to send a essage of unity. they represented faiths from all over the world. including islam, the faithhe
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mass murderer omar mateen claimed to be acting on behalf of. >> there is a word for it, outlaw. we also call these people traitors. >> mateen had reportedly been disturbed by seeing two men kissing and believes islam forbids homosexuality. >> the traditional view is marriage is between a man and a woman. that being said, islam and muslims do not allow discrimination of the lgbt community or violence against them. >> we are a same sex married couple with children. encouraged y felt by seeing such a diverse group of people in one spot. >> it is an easy route to break apart and a much harder and more rewarding task to pull together in hardship. >> we're all people and we have to take care of each other. or this is going to happen again. >> before everyone
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outside with candles pretty much every seat in the room was filled and there were folks standing for the interfaith vigil. >> the u.s. senate opened monday's session with a moment of silence for the victims of he shooting. but the shooting is actually raising some debate about moments of silence on the hill after mass shootings. connecticut congressman jim heims says such displays do not honor the victims but instead mock them. the democrat says they are in fact abominations so long as other members of congress ontinue to oppose additional gun control. >> it is in the presumptive republican and democratic nominees set markedly different tones in responding to the events in orlando. while invoking his proposed muslim ban donald trump accused president obama of going soft on the muslim community. during a
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clinton said the shooter should not have been allowed to buy firearms. >> i will be meeting with the n.r.a., which has given me the earliest endorsement in a presidential race to discuss how to ensure americans have the means to protect themselves in this age of terror. >> it's essential we stop terrorists from getting the tools they need to carry out the attacks. that is especially true when it comes to assault weapons like those used in orlando and san bernadino. >> the clinton campaign has postponed an event that president obama had scheduled for wednesday because of the shooting. >> back here in d.c. police increased security during capital pride this weekend. the police chief says the department is working with businesses and groups on ways to bolster their own security. tighter security at the area gay clubs is not keeping people away. those we spoke with say the support they've received in the past two days is
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>> for me the transgender community feels extremely safe here. the military people from the pentagon feel safe here. and we want to keep it that way. >> in adid ignaczak to the added police and security presence some businesses are no longer allowing backpacks and they plan other security changes in the future. >> you may have seen it floating around on facebook that mr. rogers famously said in times of crisis look for the helpers. in orlando people lined up by the hundreds to donate blood for the victims still in the hospital. it's been the same story in our area with the donation center completely booked up with appointments for the entire week. still, others are just walking in to donate even if it means waiting for hours. >> i felt incredibly helpless after everything that happened and figured this was one tiny thing i could do to try to help out and feel like i was contributing something. i got here at
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5:15 now. people have been here all day and it is beautiful seeing so many people spend their whole day trying to support the community and give back i guess. >> we have information to find a blood drive near you and make an appointment to donate. that information is at >> an indiana man arrested near the los angeles pride festival will be in court later today on weapons charges. officers stopped james howell sunday after complaints about him knocking on doors and windows. police say officers found weapons, ammunition, and chemicals all in his car. howell reportedly told police he was going to the pride festival but that intent remains unclear. >> waking up early tomorrow morning you are going to see a lot of sunshine. a few added clouds move through the midday hours. this is future cast noon time. it looks like a great afternoon to check out the food trucks. a lot of kids will be ce
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school and louton county tomorrow is the last day before summer vacation and the drive time home looks fantastic tomorrow evening. daytime highs eventually into the lower 80's. lots of sunshine. make sure you have the sunscreen and the sunglasses. coming up, rain for parts of the day on wednesday and it will continue into thursday. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> developing now, police in west virginia are looking for a man they say shot and killed people in a property dispute. that is according to "the journal" newspaper in martinsburg. we're told the shooting happened around 6:30 near the maryland state line. the suspect is believed to be in a white chevy pickup with the west virginia plate 7 ws 465. >> and police in fairfax county are investigating two reports of someone firing at moving vehicles. now, both incidents happened saturday night on old dominion drive in mclean. drivers reported hearing a loud bang as another car passed
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no one was hurt in either shooting. police have not made an arrest yet. >> just a matter of hours from the polls opening in virginia and the district. >> and look at what's at stake when voters make their choices around here tomorrow. >> a little later after watching his beloved cubs take 2-3 from the braves this weekend bill murray gets an invitation to washington. this has nothing to do with
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>> vote 2016 takes steps in virginia and d.c. today in arlington the democratic primary for county board. county board chair livey garvey is being challenged in that race. the polls open at 6:00 a.m. and will be open until 7:00 p.m. >> in the district voters will be casting ballots in the presidential and at large city council races. there are also decisions in democratic ward four, ward seven, and ward eight city council races. delegate eleanor holmes norton, representative frank garcia, councilman jack evans, and all of the republican candidates on the ballot are all running unopposed. the polls in d.c. open from 7:00
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a.m. until 8:00 p.m. >> and another surprising development in the nation's biggest race, "the washington post" now blasting donald trump's decision to revoke the paper's credentials for covering his campaign. the executive editor called the decision, "a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press." trump revoked the post crekentions because of what he called dishonest coverage. he has banned a number of news organizations because of their coverage before. >> middle of the night and temperatures as we move through the overnight hours will fall into the upper 50's to mid 60's. the coolest air north and west of d.c. weaking up tomorrow morning 60 to 65. inside the capital beltway under partly cloudy skies. on satellite and radar not a lot going on right now. if you watch the game, stayed up late and you have to take your dog out for a quick walk it's going to be dry at least for now and will stay dry for the day tomorrow. sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts, and a comfortable outfit to
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tomorrow with temperatures a little cool early on. in the 60's early tomorrow morning but with all the sunshine our temperatures will rapidly warm up into the middle 70's by mid morning and eventually will make it into the lower 80's. here's your future cast as we move through the day tomorrow. 9:00 in the morning. no problems driving into work. for some the last day of school. for others starting camp a few added clouds later in the day well to the south of d.c. and as they move into the after nan hours, swimming pool activities, barbecuing tomorrow afternoon, it looks absolutely fantastic. unfortunately the nice weather won't stick around on wednesday. mostly cloudy by the a noon hour and later in the after nan showers and even a few isolated thunderstorms though not expecting anything to become severe. umbrellas, late wednesday. into thursday. even into friday. but good news. we look forward to the upcoming
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ahead. 82 degrees for a high. partly sunny skies. winds out of t north. taste of reston starts friday. you'll be dodging rain drops and a few thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid 70's, around 80 degrees on saturday. air and space family day out near dulles airport on saturday looking at temperatures around 80 degrees with lots of sunshine and of course the zero prostate cancer run on sunday. pentagon row. cool start rebounding into mid 70's with lots of sunshine to enjoy. look at the next seven days. the unsettled weather wednesday, thursday, and friday. we'll see daytime highs, lower 80's. the coolest of the next seven will come on friday with only around 75, 76 degrees. but father's day weekend quickly approaching and it looks great. temperatures in the lower 80's. barbecues on sunday for dad a firm go at this point but then again it's only monday. who knows?
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>> are you shocked by this? >> absolutely. this is exactly the opposite of what i said was going to happen. however, i did say lebron had to get 40 and have the big fourth quarter. >> and he got 41. my goodness. >> max scherzer though had his k game going against the cubs tonight. and the cleveland cavaliers lived to see another day. how they plan to carry the momentum back to cleveland when
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>> we begin with game five of the nba finals which you saw right here on abc 7. after blowouts in the first three games we were treated to another close one tonight. take you out to oracle arena, first half the klay and lebron show. klay thompson lets it fly from long-range. splash. thompson had 26 in the first half. james was up to the challenge
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though. the drive, the jam, and the foul. lebron had 25 in the first half. 41 for the game. the partner in crime, kyrie irving the drive, the handles, the turn-around. no doubt irving finished with 41 as well and the caves lived to play another day winning game five 112-97 the embrace right there. the question now, how can they do it again? >> continue to be aggressive, bring physicality, and attack. it's the nba finals. you're two great teams and i kind of like our position. would have been nice to win tonight but we didn't. we didn't play very well. they played well. so we go back to cleveland and tee it up again. but like our position a lot better than theirs. >> wow. confident. you like this? yeah. game six of the nba finals will be right here on abc 7. tip off is at 9:00.
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facebook live at 8:00. to the nationals, mad max brought his k game tonight. that i mean it was the 30th 10 strikeout game for max scherzer since the start of 2013. only clayton kershaw with the dodgers has done better in that span. scherzer was perfect into the sixth. to say he was dominating tonight doesn't even do him justice. seven innings, one run allowed, two hits, no walks, and 11 strikeouts. the game was tied at 1-1 in the sixth. wilson ramos powers one deep to right. jason heyward back to the wall. gets a glove on it. uh-oh. it bounces over the wall. 2-1 washington. the nats win it, 4-1 your final. those guys are loving it. >> i want to come out there and take my shot and, you know, had ht really felt like it some good stuf
12:22 am
pitches working the way they needed to. >> thanks to kyrie irving and lebron james who combined for 82 points the cavs avoid elimination once again forcing a game six so it is going to be another good one thursday at 9:00 right here on abc 7. >> the best father's day gift they can give the nation is game seven. >> barbecue action. game seven. come on. >> thank you. >> we could ask what about bob? it might start to feel like groundhog day. >> when we come back the next line bill murray is adding to his
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>> he serenade us with "star wars" taking us through army training, even battled ghosts, and this fall mr. murray comes to washington. the kennedy center announced today bill murray is getting the next mark twain prize for american humor. this is the 19th year of the award. keith martin, richard pryor, lilly tomlin, eddie murphy a few of the past recipients. he is in very good company. >> he is a worthy
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>> that's it for us tonight. thank you for staying up late with us. >> we leave you tonight with the names of the 49 people killed inside the pulse night club
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hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for joining us on this major night of basketball. a special thanks to those of you with us earlier in prime time. game five of the nba finals. the warriors tonight were shorthanded. they were out draymond green who was suspended for what was the latest in a series of attacks on other player's testicles. here he is taking steven adams of the oklahoma thunder during the last series, and this was on friday night the league called this
12:33 am
the swipe at the hand of the -- i don't know. they really know how to make it sound sexy. but two days after the game he was charged with the flagrant foul. i feel like there should be a statute of limitations, like you have to call the foul before the pain goes away. if you get suspended in the nba, you're not allowed to be in the arena before or during the game. draymond watched the basketball democrat baseball game. he reportedly watched it from a suite at the oakland a's game. what were they afraid of? i feel like we should have known this was going to happen. have people seen the draymond green signature shoe? i mean, looking back it seems to obvious. throughout the nba finals our friend, tracy morgan has been kind enough to share some of his personal favorite memories from
12:34 am
tonight he's prepared to share again as he turns back to 1970. >> one of my best nba finals ever was when willis reed walked out after returning from his leg injury in 1970. it reminded me of my uncle jerry. he got his leg bit by pit bulls in a dog fight. i don't condone dog fighting or his behavior. it taught me a valuable lesson. you don't fight pit bulls if you happen to work in the butcher shop. the pit bulls can smell the meat and they can't control themselves after that. he had no calf muscle after he got bit, so his leg look like a pirate dude with a wooden leg. it was so funny. it was funny. he'll show it to you if you ever
12:35 am
meet him. [ applause ] >> jimmy: quite a story. a special bonus, we invited one of tracy's friends. and it's time for alec baldwin's nba finals memories. >> one of my best nba finals ever was when willis reed walked out of the tunnel in 1970 after returning from his leg injury. i loved it because it reminded me of my uncle jerry. he got his leg bitten by pit bulls in a dog fight. that taught me a valuable lesson. you don't fight pit bulls if you happen to work in a butcher shop. you understand what i'm saying? anyway, he had no calf muscle after he got bit so his leg look like one of them old dudes, them pirate dudes, you know, with the wooden
12:36 am
it was so funny. it was funny. he'll show it to you if you ever meet up with him. >> jimmy: thank you, alec. they have so much in common. they both have an uncle jerry. this should be interesting. tomorrow night in washington d.c., hillary clinton and bernie sanders are having a meeting, a dinner at denny's -- i would love to be at that meeting. don't fall for it, bernie, it's a trap. hillary is going to tie you up and put you to an assisted living facility. here is donald trump slowed down to half speed for comic affect. [ slow speed ] >> bernie. bernie. bernie, where are you, bernie? oh, we love bernie. bernie's okay.
12:37 am
♪ >> jimmy: only one here speaking like that from now on. you probably know donald trump is keen on suing people. according to usa today he's been involved in at least 3500 lawsuits so far in his life. that's a lot. most people sue or get sued once, maybe three times in their lives. by the way, when i'm vice president, i will propose a lifetime cap. you'll get five lawsuits and that's it, so choose wisely. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know? but until that time we have to deal with wealthy people filing as many suits as they want. that's bad news for the legal system but good news for lawyers on both sides. >> have you or someone you love been sued by donald trump? call greenberg and greenberg today. we've successfully defended literally thousands of donald trump soughts like this. >> i switched over to dancing with the stars. donald trump
12:38 am
$00,000. >> my kids bought me this trump tie for father's day. i never wore it. trump sued me for 2 million. >> i retweeted this picture of donald trump's hair. he sued me for $500,000. >> i'm mexican. donald trump sued me for $8 million. >> when donald trump sues, we're there for you. call today. >> jimmy: i'm glad that went your way, guillermo. this is the biggest week for major sports titles of the year. last night the stanley cup was won by the penguins. a lot of hockey fans. it's interesting to see how many people outside of pittsburgh and san jose are paying attention to hockey. the kings were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs
12:39 am
the series goes on forever. we decided to have fun with that. we asked people to claim to be l.a. kings fans if they were excited that the kings won the stanley cup, which, of course they didn't. that didn't stop the fans from celebrating anyway in tonight's stanley cup finals edition of lie witness news. >> we're out talking about the people about the exciting victories by the kings taking home the stanley cup again. who's excited? >> excited? i think i'm very excited. i'm sure the rest of my family the. we're a huge stanley -- we're a huge hockey fans. >> did you watch the game together last night? >> we couldn't, but we listened to it on the radio. >> what were you doing? your hon you're listening and hearing it. you're getting excited. what's going on? >> it's kind of hard to describe because there's so many things going on a
12:40 am
but what i can tell you from one word is just pandemonium. >> when the victory happened last night people were out in the streets, victory celebrations exploded. >> it was crazy out here. i went down to b dubs. i seen a lot of it. >> my favorite player is john than click. >> i can't wait to touch the stanley cup that you won. >> go kings, 2016 stanley cup victors. >> you're a big fan? >> season tickets. >> the victory by the kings last night, did you catch any of the game? >> they didn't play. >> you're smarter than all the other people out here today. [ applause ] >> we'll break him eventually. don't worry. >> jimmy: are you familiar with kids
12:41 am
that album. you're clapping for that? anyway, well, we put together a new kidz bop album with help from some famous hip hop artists like this. >> he's my song today was a good day kidz bop style. ♪ it runs so deep, so zeep . when we come back the music of hip hop artists as sung by children and my exclusive chat with baby steph curry and baby lebron james. stick around. we'll be right back. how does this world, help you experience this world? oh man i've only been to one place! oh i have a great idea maybe i can go to the rainforest.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from fitz and the tantrums. from "unreal" constance zimmer is here. first tech news. apple unveiled a few things today. apple called delopers to remind everyone that they still make a watch. they showed off a new operating system for the iphone and ipad. they showed off some improvements for apple tv and new upgrades for siri. now siri will be available on your computer and i think on your watch. apple and many countries are focussed on getting us to talk to our phones and computers. watches. and they don't realize the reason we use these things in the first place is because we don't want to talk to anybody. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i want a phone that keeps quiet and doesn't even turn on. tonight was
12:47 am
finals. because i am fortunate enough to host a television show yrve, i o chance to sit down with two young superstars from each team. this is part two of my exclusive two-part interview with steph curry and lebron james. ♪ >> do you think the cavaliers are more motivated than your team seeing as how you beat them last finals? uh-huh. your team is healthy this year, how do you feel about this? lebron, are you pooping? lebron is pooping. >> this is steph's pregame ritual. he passes the ball to one of his t teammates over and over again. it's unorthodox, but obviously, it works.
12:48 am
just speak right into that, yeah, right. yeah. just -- yeah. >> steph, some have called you the jiggliest player in the nba right now. do you think that's true? huh? yes? are you going to eat this microphone? right. you know, on the court it seems lebron is much bigger than steph, but when you're holding them, steph is quite a bit heavier. no offense. >> jimmy: so while we're on the subject of kids, i have a baby daughter. she's almost two, and i'm always looking for things we might have in common. music is one of them. and don't get me wrong. i love the song the wheels on the bus but after the 40 th time in a row, i'm anxious for some variety. so i took matters into my own hands and teamed up with ice cube and friends to produce this
12:49 am
hip hop songs we can all enjoy. >> what up [ bleep ]. it's your boy ice cube. i've been seeing kidz bop for years. why can't we do it with hip hop? i got some of my hardest, and we took out all the [ bleep ] so they can finally enjoy my songs. here's "today was a good day". ♪ and it runs to deep, so deep ♪ i didn't have to have a school day. i got to say today was a snow day ♪ >> what? it's lil john. if you thought these kids couldn't get low, then you were wrong [ bleep ]er. ♪ on the playground, with the
12:50 am
♪ let's all play tether ball ♪ smack smack smack smack that ball ♪ >> what's up? if you heard my paranoid, you'll love it even more without the naughty language. ♪ i see all the bubbles in the tub. got to hide from my mother ♪ ♪ i thinkmy mommy's trying to scrub me up ♪ ♪ baby, i'm a dirty boy ? >> these [ bleep ] got flow and dance moves. that's why i had to get them to do the cover of [ bleep ] problems. ♪ that's my trucking problem ♪ if you find some dirt and rocks, that's the problem ♪ ♪ maybe can i solve it >> this is big shawn. i always thought kids needed
12:51 am
their own version of i don't [ bleep ] with you. ♪ i can't tie my shoes ♪ there's things i would rather learn to do ♪ ♪ no, i can't tie my shoe ♪ i can't tie 'em, i can't tie 'em, nope ♪ >> prove what i always said. you can do the heat without all the cusses, which is why i also head them cover our nwa classic,
12:52 am
from "unreal" constance zimmer is here, and we'll be right back with kevin hart. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by new orleans tourism. visit "happy-tuesday-dot-com" and explore the possibilities. and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. nice to meet you! today we're going to talk about the all-new 2016 chevy cruze, but here's the catch. you're only going to answer me in emojis. so, this cruze has built-in 4g lte wifi® with 24 gigs of data. wow. (message sent sfx) strong!
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>> jimmy: tonight from the peabody award winning show "unreal," constance zimmer is here. then a great band from right here in los angeles. this is their self-titled album. fitz and the tantrums from the samsung outdoor stage. later this week, the great oprah winfrey will bless us. mindy kaling and ben mendelsohn will be here. and we will have music from garbage and meghan trainor. >> jimmy: our first guest is one of the most successful shoe salesmen-turned- comedians in show business history. he has a big movie coming out just in time for sandal season. "central intelligence," co-starring dwayne johnson, opens friday. please welcome kevin hart. [ applause ] ♪
12:58 am
>> jimmy: you smell like leather. >> thank you. oh. >> jimmy: it's good to see you. >> it's good to be seen. you look good. >> jimmy: i know you've been traveling. if v you been following the nba finals? >> i'm a man, yes. yes i have. i'm very much into it right now. >> jimmy: where have you been? have you been out of the country? >> i've been everywhere. i'm what you call a renaissance man. i do it all. >> jimmy: that's what i've always said about you. what are you cheering for? >> i like greatness. you have two different scenarios, lebron james is, quote unquote, the best player in the nba. it's arguable but the truth. this guy has been there six times. i would love to see something happen within the six times but on the other hand, you have steph. steph is having an amazing season. i love that he and his team
12:59 am
history. a unanimous vote for mvp and now the chance to cap it off with a back to back championship. to say i witnessed history and saw it, that's -- >> jimmy: who are you cheering for? >> i'm trying to avoid that part. >> jimmy: you run into them all the time, right? who's your all time favorite basketball player? >> michael jordan. >> jimmy: along the way you've run into michael jordan? >> a couple times. mike still might be mad at me. true story. >> jimmy: why? >> listen, i pissed him off. he had an event. mike had a charity event in las vegas. they called me. they wanted me to host the event. i get there to host the event and it's something where they're like auctioning things and -- it's a real tight crowd. >> jimmy: rich people. >> everybody's neck was really straight. so i get up there and i'm like man, loosen up, rela
1:00 am
as i'm saying stuff, i lock eyes with mike. he's in the front row, and i start teasing him. i'm like man, what age do you get to where it's okay to wear your pants that high and nobody addresses it. you tell me i'm the only one that thinks mike is past the legal limit to waist? it was fun jokes. he had the little square mustache at the time. i was like what's that. it looks like a thumbprint, like you just smelled something. and nobody was laughing. it got to the point where nobody was laughing. he's looking straight. he's actually giving me a look like you're going to keep going? you ain't going to stop. i don't care. i'm having a good time. i was laughing. i may or may not have been drunk at the time. [ laughter ] >> i'm i hit him with one more. nobody said nothing. it gets over and i see him.
1:01 am
he shook my hand and squeezed it real hard and was like you have a good day. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. i ain't seen him since. >> jimmy: oh, no, wow. >> he still my favorite player, though. if i see him again, i'll ask him about it. like you better lose the attitude. >> jimmy: it seems like when a guy has a hitler mustache, his friends should intervene. >> i'm big on telling people things that make me uncomfortable. if there's something about your appearance that makes me uncomfortable, i'm going to address it. mike's pants made me uncomfortable. it was like a dress pant. it wasn't a jean. it was like a slack. who wears a slack right here? >> jimmy: michael jordan. that's who. >> technically he can, if anybody can. >> jimmy: for those who don't know, you're engaged. for how long have you been engaged? [ applause ] . >> sorry,
1:02 am
it's almost over. i've been engaged for two years. about to get married. >> jimmy: you are? i was wondering about that. it seemed like you've been engaged the last 11 times i saw you. >> i have. i didn't know her yet. you got to figure it out. >> jimmy: first get engaged. >> draw it out as long as you can. >> jimmy: are you involved in the planning of the wedding? >> in the beginning i didn't want to be. i made a very strong point saying do not involve me with any of it. i just want to make you happy. i want to pay for it, but i don't want the questions. i don't want to go back and forth. and then i wound up getting involved, and now i'm worse than her. [ laughter ] once you in, you in. i'm like i don't know if i like those flowers. let me see another one. i don't know if i like that dressing. let me taste it. let me see that napkin. no, that doesn't feel right. let me see another one. you get in.


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